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3.5 Inch Bottom Weather Seal

Weather seal is Black in color and replaces the bottom weather seal that goes into extruded aluminum bottom bracket. This Is a "T" style weather seal that measures 3 1/2" in width (does not measure 3 1/2" inches from bottom of door).

Picture shows retainer,not included, but sold seperatly on this page.

Although Weather Seal appears Gray, it is Black and was shot in Gray to contrast with Black Retainer.

If retainer is bent or damages order retainer this page.

Helps keep Garage floor cleaner by keeping out mice, bugs, and debris that wind blows in. Helps your door keep out the rain also.

If your replacing your Bottom Weather Seal, consider inserting a 3/4" foam backer rod into the tunnel that is created by the Weather Seal when installed. This will help the Seal to keep it's shape and give you a better seal when the door is closed. You may have to reset your down limit sensitivity limit on your opener, but in the end you will get a better seal and give the seal a longer life.

Price is per foot.

  • Shipping Weight: 0.3lbs