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243X2X48 Lifetime Warranty Springs LEFT

Regular Springs last up to around 10,000 cycles whereas these lifetime warranty springs are good for around 187,000 cycles which means less money in the long run!!

NOTE: When you think of a right or a left spring you should be in the garage and be looking at the header where your torsion tube is mounted. Your right sring will be left wound and your left spring will be right wound. Don't let this confuse you. Just think, is the spring I want to the right or the left of center? Then order accordingly.

We Recommend you also purchase winding bars also available in our shop.

Mix and Match

Springs are generally good for 10,000 cycles and are coated black steel.

If your springs look old or rusty, change them before your car gets stuck in the garage!!INTERNET PRICE ONLY!!!

These are in stock and ready for pickup in our shop. These are lifetime warranty springs for 207's

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