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Pops Corner

Tips and Tricks From Pop Himself!

Use AV Spray Lube for all moving door parts.
Use Low Tempearture Grease for all Screw Drive Operators

Tracks, Hinges, Rollers and Springs
Lubricate rollers and hinges with AV Spray Lube. Springs require basically the same treatment. Just wipe off excess with a cloth. Use a Low Temperature Grease to lubricate the screw drive type garage door openers. This simple trick will help prolong their useful life.

Garage Doors Safety Tips
Your garage door is the largest moving door in your house and its correct operation is very important for your safety and that of your family. Here is how to ensure that your garage door is the safest possible.

  • Do regular maintenance of your garage door. This includes lubrication and visual inspection. Check and lube all moving parts and notice any signs of wear. If something looks loose or worn out, such as wobbley rollers, replace them. Tip:If your replacing your springs this is a good time to replace worn ,old or noisy rollers and parts. Check for worn, discolored or missing garage door seals. Replacing these can help you keep rain or critters from getting into your garage. If your installing NEW BOTTOM WEATHER SEAL, you might want to install the foam rod we recommend inside of the seal. It will help the seal keep it's shape and give you a far better seal. Best of all it's CHEAP!

  • If you have an extension spring system consider changing to a torsion spring system.Torsion springs are safer and tend to last longer. When you go to the "Spring" section it will explain things about your springs, such as left and right wound. If you have further questions call the shop.

  • You can do the garage door installation yourself, if you have the ability and the proper tools to do it. However it's important to read the manual of instructions before undertaking this project. At Avoverhead we have a large selection of Doors for immediate in store pick up. We do strongly recommend that you work with an expert installer. Call us if you need help in choosing an installer in your area.

  • If you want to try to adjust or replace the springs yourself, they are under high tension. Please use caution! In general, if something on your door is marked with
    Red, use caution. Never, just replace the "Broken" spring on a 2 spring system. You will save time and Money by replacing both springs at the same time. Remember if you don't see the spring you need call us and we will have it shipped directly to you.

  • Check the correct operation of your garage door opener regularly.

  • Keep the remote controls out of children’s reach.

  • Choose the "Security+" operator with rolling codes, (i.e. It's secret code changes each time you use the operator) you will lower the risk of theft. Here is a tip: If your parking your car or truck outside of your garage, never leave a remote in plain sight. Consider buying a keychain remote instead.

  • Ask for the assistance of a certified installer for the annual maintenance of your garage door.

    Throughout the website you will see helpful hints as to things you can do to keep your Garage Door working without challenges. So take a minute and look around, let us know what you think. If you see things that might need attention or suggestions, let us know, thanks:)

We want to hear from you. If you have any other questions, contact us at (661) 947 5286.